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TIER Wall Cladding

TIER® is a real stone paneling system specifically designed to create a distinctive natural stone finish wherever it’s used. The panels rise in interlocking ‘tiers’, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialist labour and making Tier a quick and easy system to use. TIER® is available in STANDARD or CONTEMPORARY finishes and are ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Available in ochre, autumn, charcoal, nordic, black, rustic and sahara. TIER® Standard Range consists of two components, Panels and Corners; The unique panel shape and design found in our Standard Range, with the “L” shape corners create that seamless professional final look for your project. TIER® Contemporary Flat Panels and Corners are all made from natural stone. The Finger Corners are designed and manufactured in a way to achieve the most authentic-looking corner possible. Each Corner piece slides seamlessly together to create a realistic stone corner, and are suitable for interior or exterior applications. Panels: 548x152x10-20mm, 16.5m2, 50 per pack. Corners/Quoins: 200x348x152x10-20mm Flats: 11.52m2 per pack Corner coverage: 80 pieces per pack

Available sizes:

  • Panels are 548mm x 152mm x 10mm to 20mm