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Self Binding Aggregate

Self-binding gravel is the ultimate self-binding solution for perfect pathways and driveways and the only self-binding gravel to hold The Royal Warrant. Soft and natural in appearance, self-binding gravel complements both modern day and historical projects alike. Provides a surface which knits together to form a solid bonded, durable base. The nature of the product is that it scarifies with use for a beautiful, natural soft appearance. A popular choice for hospitals and sensory gardens being a 100% natural material. Self-binding gravel is a 100% natural hard limestone which is crushed and graded to a 12mm to dust, a high content of this material is a naturally occurring light marl. The marl content within the stone gives the product its unique self-binding properties. It is non-frost susceptible, meaning that when laid correctly the surface will not lift over the frosty winter months – it provides a hard, natural surface for year-round use. Self-binding gravel is available in Somerset Gold, Silver Grey, Breedon Golden Amber and Charcoal.